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Wichita custom decksAdding a deck to your Wichita home can help you create a new aesthetic for your home, making it look and feel more carefree. Decks will also make your home feel larger. Plus, any sort of exterior addition will raise the resale value of your home, and they’ll be a great selling point.

When you decide to build a deck onto your home, you’ll need to hire a professional Wichita deck builder that you know you can trust with all of the work. At Blue Ribbon Construction, our remodeling professionals are all licensed and trained, and our company is dedicated to making sure that all of our customers receive the highest quality craftsmanship and customer service possible.

Our Custom Deck Construction Professionals

All of the Wichita remodeling contractors at Blue Ribbon Construction have extensive experience working in the field. We provide our remodeling services to Wichita homeowners, and at every single job we take, we strive to give your best possible remodeling services.

We’ll work with you directly on the design of your new deck, and we’ll help you build it from the ground up. We help you decide on whether a single- or multi-level deck is the right choice for your home and your family. And we’ll make sure that your deck blends in well with your home’s architecture, as well as your landscape.

Custom Deck Design

When you hire Blue Ribbon Construction, our professionals will help you custom design your deck so that it’s perfect for your home, your family, and your lifestyle. We’ll work with directly to design the deck, giving you our professional advice and opinions, but always leaving all major decisions up to you.

We’ll make sure that your new deck is convenient and accessible, from inside your home as well as from your yard and landscape. We’ll remove or replace any doors or walls that make the deck inconvenient to your home’s current layout, or we can build around your home’s current design.

We’ll make sure that your deck is designed and built to be a perfect match for your home’s current architecture. We’ll make sure that there won’t be too much sunlight at a particular part of the day based on the direction your home faces. We can install a lattice for protection against wind or cold weather, and we can make sure that your deck gives you the privacy that you need.

Custom Deck Construction

Our goal is to help you build a deck that is a natural extension of your home by matching woods, paint colors, and architectural details. We can also make sure that the deck is complementary to your home’s landscape, and that it doesn’t take away too much space from your yard.

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