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Wichita Basement RemodelingNo part of your Wichita home has as much potential as your basement, but very few basements ever reach their full potential. Even if your basement is currently cluttered with junk, dank, dark, and uncomfortable, it could easily become one of the most valued parts of your home. Basement finishing will raise the value of your home, give you more living space, and create a more enjoyable environment than you’ve ever had before.

The Wichita remodeling contractors at Blue Ribbon Construction can help you completely transform your basement into a place that you and your family love to spend time in. We’ll work with you directly to design the perfect renovation, guaranteeing that you get exactly what you need out of the project. Then, we’ll build your new basement from the ground up, and we’ll be sure you receive the highest quality products and the best possible craftsmanship.

Designing and Planning Your Basement Remodel

One of the most important parts of any remodeling project is the planning. Having a clear, solid plan and a design in place before any of the work begins will guarantee a smooth process and an excellent outcome.

Our professionals can help you plan and design every aspect of your project, but here are a few of the things you should consider during the process:

  • Lighting – Some parts of your basement will rely on electric light, while other areas (like those near window egresses) will be able to depend on natural light in the daytime. Most of the social areas should be closer to where natural light is available, while something like a television area will need to be away from natural light.
  • Layout – Before you begin constructing your finished basement, you’ll want to decide on the layout of the room. Our remodeling contractors will help you make sure the layout is perfectly planned before we start building or renovating anything.

    For example, if you plan on having a food storage area, you should make sure that no one will have to cross in front of the television to reach the food. It’s easy to overlook these types of design elements, but they can ultimately make or break a remodeling project.

    Troubleshooting Problems with Your Basement

    A basement finishing project can have any number of things go wrong, but our professionals can help you solve any of them. Before any basement finishing project begins, we’ll inspect your basement. During the inspection, our professionals will:

    • Look for any excessive moisture in any part of your basement.
    • Ensure that your foundation is properly sealed.
    • Check your flooring.
    • Make sure that any fuel burning equipment is safe for use and up to code.

    If we find any problems, we’ll discuss them with you in plain English before we begin any repairs.

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