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Wichita Bathroom Remodeling Services

Wichita Bathroom RemodelingThe bathrooms in your Wichita home should be its most comfortable and relaxing places. But unfortunately, there are plenty of common problems with bathrooms—poor ventilation, faulty plumbing, or worn out fixtures—that can turn them into sources of a lot of frustration.

If you have any problems with your home’s bathrooms that you’re experiencing on a regular basis, Blue Ribbon Construction, your professional Wichita remodeling contractor can help. We’ll work with you and help you transform your bathroom into a space that provides you with comfort, solitude, and relaxation at all times.

A bathroom remodeling job could be as simple as replacing a few of your fixtures, or it could be as complicated at as gutting and reconstructing the entire space from scratch. No matter how large or small your project needs to be, our professional contractors will always be ready to tackle the job.

Bathroom Design Services

When you work with the professionals at Blue Ribbon Construction on a bathroom remodeling project, the first thing that we’ll do discuss the project with you and find out exactly what you’d like to achieve during it. We’ll let you explain to us the specific problems that you have with your bathroom, then we’ll work with you to find the absolute best solutions.

Our professionals can design your new bathroom from the ground up, literally. New floors, toilets, baths, mirrors, and walls can all be a part of the project. We’ll take on anything you need to transform your bathroom into a more comfortable place.

Our remodeling contractors will work with you directly on every aspect of the design of your new bathroom remodel so that we can always guarantee a new space that’s perfect for you and your family. We can help you design a brand new home spa, or we can keep the project simple. Our goal is that you’ll be completely satisfied with our services, so we’ll work with you to design every facet of the project.

Green Bathroom Design Options

Many Wichita homeowners are becoming more concerned with creating an environmentally friendly living space, and if you’re among them, our professionals can help you achieve that with your bathroom remodel. There are several options available to you that can help you conserve resources and have a healthier, safer home:

  • For any construction, we can use rapidly renewable woods.
  • Any insulation can be derived from soybean or cotton.
  • Low-flow water fixtures can help cut down tremendously on the amount of water your family uses.
  • Energy efficient lights can help you cut down on your electricity bills, plus you won’t need to change your light bulbs as frequently.

Our professional Wichita remodeling contractors can discuss these and more options with you during the initial design of your new project.

Bathroom Design

bathroom021Thinking of making your bathroom into your own special oasis to get away from the world? The professionals at Blue Ribbon Construction can help you build a bathroom design that will transform your old bathroom into the get away you can enjoy every day.



Bathroom Tile Installation

Interior of the modern bathroomWhether your bathroom tile is just more worse for wear than you would like, or your wanting a whole new look for your bathroom, new tile can have a lasting impact. Our professional installers will make your bathroom look great with our wide variety of colors and patterns.



Bathroom Vanity Design

custom bathroom with tile workIf your vanity is looking old or just doesn’t match the look you want, you can have a custom vanity designed to fit both your dimensions and your style. From cabinetry to counter-tops to lighting, Blue Ribbon Construction has all your needs covered.


Recent Bathroom Remodeling Projects Completed

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