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Wichita Garage Conversions and Renovations

Wichita Garage ConversionsOne of the best ways to improve your Wichita home and your quality of life, as long as you can stand to lose the vehicle storage space, is to convert your garage. Garage conversions will increase the amount of space you have in your home for a much cheaper price than a room addition, and this space can be used for anything from a child’s playroom to a den. However, it’s not always an easy project, and it does require careful planning and design.

When you hire Blue Ribbon Construction for a garage conversion, our remodeling professionals will work with you directly throughout the project to ensure that the design is perfect for you and your family. Then we’ll construct a room that you can enjoy for years to come.

Our Wichita Remodeling Contractor is licensed, trained, and extensively experienced. We specialize in design and construction, so no matter what plans you have for your garage, we’ll be able to help you build it from the ground up. We’ll work with on the design from the very beginning of the project, and we’ll make that all of the work is done properly and professionally.

Garage Flooring

When you’re converting your Wichita home’s garage, you have nearly endless options for flooring.

Any type of tile is perfect for a garage conversion and will be relatively easy to install over a concrete slab. Wood flooring or carpeting can be done as well, though these options may be a little more complicated and more expensive.

Our professionals will make sure that your flooring is protected from moisture damage, raise your floor level as necessary, and take care of the increased height at your entryways.

Doors and Windows for Garage Conversions

Some Wichita homeowners prefer to leave their original garage door intact, while others replace it with a windowed wall or French doors. We’ll help you decide on the right style for your home, lifestyle, and goals with this project. You’ll need to consider how much natural light you’d like to let in (which can help you save on electricity costs) as well how much privacy you’d like.

Walls & Insulation

If your garage walls are already insulated and paneled in drywall, then you’re already at a huge advantage. If they’re not, then this is one of the first things you’ll need to take care of at the start of the garage conversion project.

Our contractors can professionally install your drywall and insulation. Whether you’re starting with cinder block exterior walls, or you have drywall without insulation, we have the solution, and we’ll make sure your new garage is perfectly constructed.

We’ll also help you plan the electrical setup, any necessary plumbing, and the heating and cooling systems that you’ll need.

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