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Make Your Wichita Home More Energy-Efficient With New Windows

Wichita Window Replacement

Your heating and cooling costs can come down quite a bit if you choose to upgrade with replacement windows. You may be feeling as though your current windows are not that inefficient, but they may still be a major cause of energy loss in your home.

You can save a lot of money spent on the installation, servicing and repairs of your furnace, boiler or air conditioner in your home. One way to do this is to replace your old windows with new Wichita replacement windows. What is another added advantage of getting new windows apart from energy efficiency? Well, they increase the value of your home and look a lot better too. You will see a huge difference with new windows as soon as you get your old ones (even if they still function) replaced.

To be clear, what do we mean by old windows? Well we are talking about the old wood framed windows found in older homes that have now become obsolete. The homes with these old windows lose a lot of their energy through their windows as their faulty frame allows the leakage of air. Old windows usually have one pane of regular glass and the single pane glass provides very poor insulation. Sunlight pours through the glass in to the room during the summer months and makes the room really hot and stuffy. Whereas in the winter months, all of the heating of the room easily escapes through the glass. It is a known fact that glass is not a good insulator. This can be easily observed from an everyday use item- glass cookware. Food kept in glass ware cools really faster as opposed to other containers. The same goes for your home in the winter months.

With old windows, you keep the furnace/air conditioner running for longer periods to maintain the temperature of your room/home. The result- higher energy expenses! Even if you have a slightly newer set of windows for instance aluminum and steel framed windows with double or triple panes they may still not be as energy-efficient when compared to the replacement windows made from the latest technology. Today you can get a much better window at a much lower price.

There have been huge advances in window technology over the past 20 years; and this has made single-paned windows obsolete. Wichita remodeling contractors and now installing the latest replacement windows, which have two panes of glass with a layer of air between them. The layer of air serves the purpose of adding extra layer of insulation in these double-paned windows.

So, now when the air conditioning is on, the room will remain cool for a much longer time and when you have your heat on during chilly winters, it will remain snug and cozy for hours on end all thanks to the smart technology now used for windows! If you want to lower your energy costs and also improve the appearance and value of your home think about replacing your old windows today! In the world of replacement windows you have lots to choose from. In Wichita, or any other region in the United States, consider switching out to energy-efficient and attractive windows.

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