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How To Budget For A Bathroom Remodeling Project

Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to improve your home, and fortunately, you don’t need to spend more than you can to get it done. The professional remodeling contractors at Blue Ribbon Construction can help you make sure that you’re able to get the most out of your bathroom remodel, no matter what your…

Top Tips For Picking The Perfect Bathroom Vanity

Wichita Bathroom Vanitys

Whether you are designing a custom home or remodeling the one you already live in, the bathroom is an important space to focus on. When it comes to picking a bathroom vanity, it is about selecting something that is both beautiful and functional. In fact, finding that perfect balance is where most people make mistakes;…

Choosing The Right Wichita Bathroom Tile For Installation

Wichita Bathroom Tile

There are many beautiful bathroom tile options available today that with the right installation will enhance the look and value of your Wichita home. Choosing the right tile may send you searching for information about your options. Blue Ribbon Construction, your Wichita Remodeling Contractor, offers tips and info on bathroom tiles, installation, and other remodeling…

Taking a Mildewy Bathroom to Custom Bathroom in No Time: How Bathroom Remodeling Adds Value to the Home

Andover bathroom remodeling

If you’re planning on renovating the home; the bathroom is the best place to start as it’s already a work in progress. Professional Andover bathroom remodeling can turn a mildewy bathroom into a custom one in no time. There’s lots of great ideas when it comes to the bathroom that are affordable and cost-effective. Over…

Bathroom Design for Remodeling Your Space

bathroom remodeling

When it comes to the initial step in your bathroom remodeling project, the design step, you want to be sure you take into consideration what you will be using the bathroom for. Your plans for a master bath will be much different than your plans for a guest bathroom. When you remodel the bathroom, you…

Top Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

Wichita Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling may not sound like as enjoyable a project as the kitchen or bedroom but it really just depends what you do with it. The bathroom has gone from being a room that was just functional to one that can actually be a relaxing oasis. If you are currently living with a bathroom that…

The Right Contractor for Your Wichita Bathroom Remodeling Project

Bathroom Remodeling

Hiring the right company at the most minimal cost with the highest exceptional result should be your main goal when choosing a contractor to assist you with your bathroom remodeling project. Who is the right plumber? Do I need just a plumber or someone who can help me plan the layout, fixture purchasing, and execution…

Beginning Your Bathroom Remodeling Project


The bathroom is one room in the house that sees a lot of traffic. It’s also a room that is used mostly for utility, so when your house starts to age and it’s time for an update, your bathroom is often one of the first rooms in the house to be considered. You use it…

Wichita Home Renovation: Bathroom Remodeling Considerations


If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom, redecoration and painting probably can come to your mind. These are just a few things that you can do and there are others that you may likely consider. Wichita Bathroom remodeling adds value to a home. Whether your goal for the renovation is saving money or environmental…

8 Things to Consider When Planning a Bathroom Renovation

Wichita bathroom remodeling has the second highest return on investment of any renovation you can do in your home. It is right next to kitchen remodeling for ROI. A Wichita bathroom remodel can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to tens of thousands. It all depends on your budget, your home and your goals….

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