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What to Watch Out For When it Comes to Garage Conversions

The great thing about a garage conversion is that the space already exists. Unlike alternative options for room additions, you are not adding on to the home, merely converting what already exists into a livable space. Of course, transforming a space meant to be a functional storage space for your vehicles and other belongings into…

3 Reasons Basement Finishing Should Be Next On Your Remodeling To-Do List

basement refinishing wichita

For many homeowners out there, the basement tends to function more like a storage garage than anything else. In the wake of the holidays, making use of your basement for this purpose is quite common among homeowners all over the country, but the sad fact of the matter is that you are losing so much…

Tricks For Picking The Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets consume approximately 40% of your remodeling budget, unless you are careful. Of course, for many people who want entirely new cabinetry, this is fine. However, it is important to know this already and be prepared. Making Good Choices About Kitchen Cabinets Not only do cabinets eat up a sizable portion of your budget,…

The Perfect Christmas Gift For A Significant Other Who Never Throws Things Out

Garage Addition

Are you a Wichita homeowner with a husband, wife, or significant other who won’t let you throw anything out? How frustrating that can be. You always hear “No, I need that” or “Hey! I can fix that!” even though the shirt has holes in it or the lamp is broken to pieces. You probably have…

Home Improvement Projects That Are Perfect For Fall

Home Improvement

Autumn in Witchita is the ideal time to start taking care of home improvement projects. The weather is cool enough to making working on the home bearable, and the holiday season has yet to start so you have some free time. Your dream home is an ongoing project and it is important to stay proactive…

The Benefits Of Garage Conversions In Wichita

Garage Conversions In Wichita

It’s not uncommon for a garage to be packed with so much stuff that not even one car could fit inside. Smaller homes simply don’t have enough storage space and often don’t have enough room for the family. A garage conversion can give a family the additional living space needed or can be transformed into…

Save Your Summer – There’s Still Time to Enjoy A Custom Deck

Custom Deck

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a Wichita summer. So it seems a shame to miss out on what’s left of it by staying stuck inside. Of course, for those savvy homeowners who have already made it a point to get an outdoor living space in place, this is not something that they have to…

Wichita Remodeling Tips – How To Plan A Garage Addition

Wichita Remodeling Tips - How To Plan A Garage Addition

Are you planning to customize your home with a garage addition? If so, there will be many aspects of the process that you need to plan in advance. For instance, one of the first decisions you will make is the remodeling contractor for the garage addition. You will first need to find a remodeling contractor…

Tips On Kitchen Remodeling Projects In Wichita


If you are planning to make improvements to your home, you can start with a kitchen remodeling project. Since this is the area which shows the most signs of wear and tear, it’s a great place to start. It’s also one of the most noticeable areas of your home, so any improvements will make a…

Advantages of Witchita Basement Finishing And How You Can Make Full Use Of It


If your Withcita home has a basement that is not yet finished, you are literally wasting space in your own home. You are paying for square footage that you are not even using. This is an unwise decision as both a homeowner and a consumer. Sure, as a homeowner there are probably a great number…

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